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"Educate to face adversity"


We have educational opportunities, that could be set up as a conference or as a course; where we will talk about the key points to develop resilience.

Resilience is the ability to be happy again after something difficult or bad has happened.

“If you are not capable of changing a situation that causes you pain, you always could choose your attitude to face it”.
Let us help you!

Speaker: Ana Artázcoz, president and founder of the asociation “Merece La Pena”

Aimed at: people of all ages

- Duration of the conference: 1 hour and 30 minutes

- Duration of the course: 4 hours

When: according to demand

Objectives: the objectives of this formation are reflected in the logo, which are:

  1. Promote acceptance and ability to confront a painful situation by adopting a positive attitude.

    The butterfly represents the transformation
  2. Develop resilience capacity.

    The dock represents the resilience
  3. Encourage optimism in situations of vulnerability.

    The smile represents the joy of living
  4. Create activities that foster a positive view on life's difficulties.

    The wind have the shape of a heart
  5. Offer training that helps individuals in the hopeful pursue of opportunities to grow.

    The green color means hope