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"The music of the butterflies"


The “art of music” is the way through which we decided to teach people a lesson of life: negative experiences can be transformed into an opportunity of growth.

We organize and develop solidary concerts, in colaboration with differerent educational centers.

The benefits obtained in each edition of “THE MUSIC OF BUTTERFLIES” are destined to a SOLIDARITY PROJECT promoted by the MERECE LA PENA Foundation that arises to cover a social need.

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6nd Edition: Year 2024, in favor of "MEDICUSMUNDI"

5nd Edition: Year 2023 (Face-to-face meeting)

4nd Edition: Year 2022 (Face-to-face meeting)

3rd Edition: Year 2021 (Online meeting)

2nd Edition: Year 2020 (Face-to-face meeting)

The music of the butterflies

1st Edition: Year 2019 (Face-to-face meeting)

The music of the butterflies