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Goals and logo

The objectives pursued by the project are reflected in the different elements of the logo of MERECE LA PENA "Educate in order to face adversity" :


1. Promote acceptance and ability to confront a painful situation by adopting a positive attitude.

This first objective is reflected in the logo with the wings of the BUTTERFLY: The butterfly is an animal that symbolizes TRANSFORMATION. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The same happens with pain, a person manages to mature if he is able to accept and face a painful situation by adopting a positive attitude.

logo mariposa

2. Develop resilience capacity.

This objective is reflected in the logo through the SPRING: The body of the butterfly is represented with a spring evoking the RESILIENCE. In fact, the concept of resilience was introduced by a psychiatrist in the 70s, directly inspired by the concept of the world of physics. Resilience is the energy that can be recovered from a deformed body when the strain causing the deformation ceases.

logo muelle

And taking this concept from the psychological field, it can be said that personal resilience consists of having the ability to face crisis, rebuild and not lose the ability to love, fight, resist; but to enhance internal resources to fight.


3. Encourage optimism in situations of vulnerability.

The SMILE of the butterfly means: Our response to adversity can be handled in a positive way, WITH OPTIMISM AND JOY.

logo sonrisa

4. Create activities that foster a positive view on life's difficulties.

This fourth objective is shown on the upper part of the wings of the butterfly as a HEART: With this symbol, the importance of LOVE IN LIFE is transmitted.

logo corazón

5. Offer training that helps individuals in the hopeful pursue of opportunities to grow.

And finally, the GREEN COLOR of the logo represents HOPE. Let's live with love and hope!

logo esperanza