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FOR YOU, Jorge

As a poet said: "We are born to live, that's why the most important capital we have is time. Our time in this planet is so short that it is a terrible idea not to enjoy every step and every moment, with the favor of a mind that has no limits and a heart that can love much more than we suppose".

And that is what Jorge Artázcoz Colomo did during his life: to LIVE and LOVE.

He was the architect of his destiny, despite his limitations due to the degenerative disease he suffered. But he knew how to make his life a space of freedom instead of a prison. He told fear: “enough”, and fought, dreamed, loved ... always with a smile. He squeezed life to the end, because with what you have, you can, you must start over and be happy. On May 29, 2014, at the age of 41, he died with joy, becoming our angel. An angel that loves us, guides us and takes care of us.

As an example of dignity and resilience, we continue his legacy through the creation and development of MERECE LA PENA.