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The Hospital Pedagogy activities in Spain follow, fundamentally, the European line:

In its origins, they were focused, almost exclusively, in teaching imparted by Basic General Education teachers, hired by the Health and Science Ministry or by INSALUD.

This type of activities started in 1982, in the wake of the publication of the Social Integration of the Handiccaped Law.

In the University Clinic of Navarre (CUN) a pedagogic activity was started in 1976 which was formalized, around 1979, by agreement between the Departments of Teaching and Orientation.

CUN followed, and still follows, two complementary facets:

- It’s a Practicum for personal and professional training of university students.

- It’s at the same time a pedagogic service towards the hospitalized.

SOURCE: Polaino-Lorente, A., & Lizasoain, O. (1992). La pedagogía hospitalaria en Europa:
la historia reciente de un movimiento pedagógico innovador. Psicothema, 4(1), 49-67.